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Contract Update - November 5, 2013

On Friday, November 1st we finished the OA/TA/SSSA contract arbitration hearings.  In the coming weeks, our attorneys will file post hearing briefs that will summarize our evidence, arguments and position in this preceding. 

The Arbitration panel has indicated to us that they will issue a decision in this case by the end of the year.  I am hoping to receive the decision before our December 19th Holiday meeting.

I will keep everyone updated.


PIP Guidelines

OA Line Supervisors Sean Moore and Michael Stanley at the June 12th General Membership Meeting
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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am writing article to update everyone on the PIP program.

Since I have been involved with the new program I’ve had to write this letter to bring everyone up to speed.  This program was designed to award superior performance by the line supervisor which is written out in the monthly score sheet. I would like to go over the agreed upon rules that must be followed when scoring our Line Supervisors.

1. Any area where employee's performance is "poor" must be documented a minimum of three (3) times during the marking period.

2. Any area where employee's performance is "marginal" must be documented a minimum of two (2) times during the marking period.

3. Any alleged issue or incident affecting the Line Supervisor's PIP score must be documented by management within (3) three days of the occurrence. Documentation must refer to specific incidents including date, bus #, etc. Maintenance Superintendent/AGS will put a note in the Depot Special Orders Log for L/S to see manager so that the manager can discuss the issue with the L/S. The discussion is to take place as soon as possible after the note is put in the log. If management fails to discuss the issue with the L/S in the time period specified above, then that specific issue cannot be used in the evaluation period. If the L/S disagrees with management over the issue discussed, then the matter will be forwarded to the PIP Monitor for further discussion.  All documentation must also be attached to the PIP score sheet.

4. If no errors are documented in any given category the supervisor will receive a four (4) in that category

5. Scoring must be completed for each marking period by the 10th of the following marking period

Any problems please feel free to contact me.



James Sampson

OA Maintenance Chairperson