Annual Open Enrollment - Supervisors with NYSHIP

If you are a OA/TA Supervisor with five (5) years or a MTA Bus Supervisor with ten (10) years in title in 2018, the Annual Open Enrollment period for you to change your medical and dental plans is November 1st through December 31st.   During that period you can make changes to your plans through the self-service employee portal.  If you happy with your current plans you don’t have to do anything.

OA/TA Supervisors who have completed five (5) years or MTA Bus Supervisor with ten (10) years in title in 2018, the Authority will schedule a benefits orientation for you to assist you in transitioning to the NYSHIP plan.  Contact your Division Chair for more information on the orientation schedule.   

As you may be aware, the TSO and the SSSA have been negotiating enhancements to our current dental and vision plans.  We concluded these negotiations earlier this year and due to delays in the procurement process these plans will not go into effect until the first quarter of 2019.  The new plans will offer significant improvement over our current plans and will include dependent coverage until age 26 regardless of the child’s student status.  If you have any questions call the Union Office for more information.