Important Information about the OA/TA Data Breach

The New York City Transit Authority as an employer has an absolute obligation to protect and secure all their employees personal information. This incident of a computer disk being found with employees personal information on it shows the total lack of proper procedure when it comes to the handling of our personal information.

Even though as of March 11, 2014 the Authority has stated that there is no evidence so far that this information has been used in anyway illegally, we are joining the SSSA in demanding that the Authority pay for credit monitoring for three years and cover the cost of any damages caused by their total negligence in dealing with our members' personal information.  If this demand is denied, the unions are prepared to file a lawsuit on behalf of our members.  We are also demanding a review of how the Authority safeguards our member’s personal information and what steps will be taken by the Authority to ensure that this never happens again.  Since this computer disk contains personal information of not only Supervisors but Authority Managers, as well, we have reached out to the Transit Managers Benevolent Association (TMBA) to join us in our lawsuit if necessary.

You can take steps immediately to secure your personal information by calling the Data Breach Hotline at 844-894-8881 and they will assist you.