Road Dispatchers: Effective today July 1, 2024 return your tablet/iPad at the end of your tour!

Since we were not able to come to an agreement to continue the PIP we will no longer take the tablets home. This is the deal we made. We take the tablets home, and we are compensated with a $250 max PIP per quarter. They have not been able to offer a new agreement so we’re not taking the tablets home!

I know it’s convenient to keep the tablet with you but we don’t work for free and we don’t bring Transit property home with us unless we are compensated!

The only way to get the PIP back is to show them how much better it is for them when we keep the tablets and all of the accessory wires etc.

I am asking for full compliance to this request. If you have any problems call your Chairman immediately.

President, Phil Valenti