Blame it on Biden and Harris

Crime, gas, food, groceries, transportation all sky high. The southern border attacked daily due to an open door policy and total disregard for the immigration process. COVID still lingering and threatening a comeback, Russia attacked Ukraine, China eyeballing Taiwan and North Korea active again flexing their muscles and all of this happened in a matter of one year of becoming President.

If you and your families are not safe and you can’t afford to feed them or put gas in your car to drive to work then it doesn’t matter if the union got you your raise because living in fear and not being able to pay your bills doesn’t equal out. The worst part about all of this is that those that blindly support the Democratic Party are the ones that are affected the most by all of these negative markers. All of this is done right under your nose as most Americans turn on the main stream media news for a quick snippet sound bite of information and they’re told a watered down cover up version of how things really are and who you should blame.

Make no mistake about it; the two idiots that are supposed to be running the country are 100% to blame along with the radical Democratic party. Going further, look around the country at the states with the highest crime and homeless taking over neighborhoods with people living in fear and you’ll fine they all have one thing in common… Democrat!

Elections have consequences so before you vote this November keep all of this in mind