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MSII Thorne Struck by Stray Bullet

At the Sutter Ave and Rutland Road train station at about 6:10 p.m. on Tuesday, MSII Carlo Thorne was struck by a stray bullet after a fight broke out between two groups of young men on the 3 train.

When the train stopped, one of the men involved in the fight got off, then pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking MSII Thorne in the right arm.

Carlo, made his way from the platform to the mezzanine, with his arm wrapped in a shirt where he had been shot.  He was taken to Kings County Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“(MTA) Chairman (Joe) Lhota and I visited our colleague tonight and it was great to see him surrounded by family and in very good spirits,” said NYC Transit President Andy Byford.

Police said three suspects, ages 17, 22 and 23, were in custody. It wasn’t clear if any of them were suspected of being the shooter.

Carlo was released from the hospital and is currently home.  He is waiting for the swelling in his arm to go down before he can return to the hospital to have the bullet removed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carlo and hope for his speedy and full recovery.

MTA Bus Interest Arbitration

*** Arbitration Update ***

The interest arbitration is proceeding as scheduled.  We hope to have a decision by the end of July.

Hearings and witness testimony were completed yesterday.


The Union presented witness testimony and exhibits that clearly demonstrated our argument and case that the MTA Bus supervisors are doing the same job, working for the same employer, and in many cases the same locations as the OA and TA supervisors, but are being paid less.


We also presented testimony and exhibits demonstrating to the panel that to achieve a comparable wage replacement rate (pension) for the supervisors, as provided for in the MTA Bus Local 100 pension award, the multiplier would have to be significantly higher than the $130 awarded to the hourly employees.


The Company did not have any questions for or cross examined any of our witnesses, nor did they dispute our claim that the MTA Bus supervisors are performing the same duties as the OA & TA supervisors.   Their case is based solely on the principle of pattern bargaining and how it has been historically applied to all the Unions under the MTA umbrella.  They also argued that the pension improvements in the Edelman Award were paid for by Local 100.


At the conclusion of the hearing, Arbitrator Wittenberg decided to leave the “record open” for thirty days to give both sides the opportunity to review the testimony and exhibits.  Closing briefs are due on June 8, 2018, at which time we will ask the Arbitrator the issue a decision as soon as possible.


As I have said along, we face an uphill battle attempting to overcome the pattern bargaining argument.  However, we believe the situation in MTA Bus is so unique and beyond any sense of fairness that if any case is going to “break” the pattern it would be this case at this time.  We remain optimistic that we will be able to make progress towards closing the gap on the pay inequities between MTA Bus and the OA/TA.

Mother Clara Hale Depot Arbitration Award


On February 15, 2018 the New York State Court of Appeals denied the SSSA appeal to hear the MCH case.  With that, the legal process for them to try an overturn the MCH Arbitration Award is over.  The Arbitration Award stands and eventually the OA will absorb all of these positions. 

Today we received the Decision and Order from the Appellate Division regarding the SSSA"s appeal of the Mother Clara Hale Interest Arbitration.  The Court again denied their petition to vacate the arbitration award.   We hope that the SSSA will come to the conclusion that the award will stand and it would be futile to continue to appeal this decision.

MSII Contract Ratified

*** Update ***

Contract Implementation

General Wage Increases (GWI): will go into effect on October 1st and will be paid on the paycheck of 10/19.

Retro-Active Wage Adjustments (RWA): will be paid in a separate paycheck on November 16th.  Members will have the option of deferring all or a portion of their RWA thorough the self service portal.  To maximize your deferral options we recommend that members open up both a 457 and 401(k) deferral plans.

Commuter pass: Commuter pass applications are now available for all of the represented MSII's.  For further information you can download the FAQs.

Half Day Usage: We are still working with Labor Relation on this implementation item and as soon as this is resolved we will let everyone know.

I am please to announce that today the tentative MSII contract has been ratified by the members. We hope to have a signed agreement within the next week.  Once the agreement is signed by the parties we will post on the website along with a schedule of implementation dates.  I would like to thank everyone who voted and to all the members for their support and patience.

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