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Attention: TSO Supervisors with Hourly Prescription Benefits

The Transit Authority has chosen Express Scripts, the largest prescription manager in the U.S., as the new manager for prescription benefits at NYCTA, replacing OptumRx as of April 1, 2016.   There is no change in the level of prescription benefits.

New cards and membership kits were mailed on March 23. If you have not received yours, call Express Scripts customer service at 800-716-3231. Express Scripts can mail only to the address on record with the BSC. If Express Scripts has your old address, call the BSC to update it.

April is Retirment Planning Month At Nearly Every Work Location

During the month of April, Prudential and the MTA are partnering to give our members information about retirement options. Reservations aren't needed. Just download the flyer here to find out when there's a presentation near you. Plan for your retirement now -- and make sure you have financial security when you need it.

Injured Workers Needed Our Help and We Stepped Up!

Injured workers needed our help and we stepped up to answer their call. Because of your action, the campaign was a success; the state budget does not include harmful changes to the workers’ compensation system that appeared in the initial budget proposal.

Yur support was vital to the campaign’s success.  Thanks to you, leaders in state government received thousands of calls and emails about the importance of protecting injured workers. While we have protected injured workers this time, it is important to realize that our adversaries will not stop just because the budget process is completed.  Insurance carriers, workers’ compensation vendors and business interests will be back later in this legislative session with the same old proposals that reduce benefits while increasing their own profits.  We will need your help again.

Public employee unions dodge a Supreme Court bullet in tie vote

Richard Wolf, USA TODAY 10:18 a.m. EDT March 29, 2016

WASHINGTON -- Conservatives bent on crippling the power of public employee unions lost their best opportunity in years Tuesday when the Supreme Court deadlocked over a challenge to the fees those unions collect from non-members.

Rather than seeking to reschedule the case for their next term, the justices simply announced they were tied 4-4 -- a verdict which leaves intact the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upholding the fee collections.

That was a major victory for the unions and the court's four liberal justices following Justice Antonin Scalia's death last month. During oral argument in January, it had appeared almost certain that the court would strike down the requirement in 23 states that teachers and government workers contribute to the cost of collective bargaining, even if they disagree with their unions' demands.

The result would have been the demise of a nearly 40-year-old Supreme Court precedent that allows unions to impose such requirements on non-members. It would have made it harder for unions representing teachers, police and firefighters, and other government workers to maintain their power by affecting their pocketbooks.

Instead, the judicial deadlock allows the California Teachers Association to keep collecting the fees, but it does not have nationwide impact. The 9th Circuit standard applies only to states within its jurisdiction, including Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington as well as California.

Your 2015 Taxes and Required Health Care Reporting

A provision in the Affordable Care Act means that beginning this year, you will be required to confirm that you had health insurance coverage when you file your federal tax for 2015.

The law also requires the MTA as an employer to document coverage of our eligible employees and retirees and to send each of us Form 1095-C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage) to verify that we offered affordable health insurance during 2015 to you.

You will receive your 1095-C form in the mail. Expect it to arrive around the same time as your W-2 form. The 1095-C form will verify that you were offered health insurance with affordable individual premiums and that the coverage met minimum federal standards.

You don’t have to file the 1095-C with your taxes, but you should keep it with the rest of your tax documentation.

To learn more about the details of the Affordable Care Act, consult the IRS website at

The MSII Bargaining is Now Complete!

As you may know, during the recently concluded representation elections, a number of MSII’s in Station Maintenance, Material Control, Homeless Outreach, and Car Equipment were excluded from the petition.  As the newly elected bargaining unit representatives for the MSII’s, we made a commitment to the previously excluded MSII’s that we would try to get them included in the new bargaining unit as quickly as we could.  I am happy to inform you that on January 8, 2016, the Union and Authority entered into a voluntary recognition agreement that will place these previously excluded MSII’s into the MSII bargaining unit. 

On Wednesday, January 6th, the Officers and shop stewards met to develop our bargaining demands.  We are scheduled to meet with the Transit Authority on January 11th to begin contract negotiations.  Our goal for this round of negotiations will be to restore all of the Level I benefits that the Authority took away from you when they “promoted” you to a Level II.  We will schedule a membership meeting in the very near future to discuss our contract negotiations and answer any questions you may have.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for choosing us as your representatives.  Becoming your representatives is a great responsibility that we will not take lightly.  I promise you that we will do everything we can to live up to the responsibilities you have entrusted us with.

Mother Clara Hale Depot Arbitration Award

*** UP-DATE ***

On March 2, 2015, the SSSA filed a petition in the Supreme Court of New York to vacate the Mother Clara Hale Arbitration Award.  Today, Supreme Court Justice, Debra Silber denied their petition to vacate the award.

On December 17th the parties appeared before the Arbitrator to clarify and discuss issues that were not addressed in the original arbitration award.  If there was any doubt in the original award that MCH depot is an OA depot the supplemental award CONFIRMS that MCH is an OA DEPOT!

This decision is a historic victory for our Union because the award confirms our position that with the closing of 126th Street Depot all of the supervisory work in Manhattan should become TSO represented work.  The decision also recognized the concerns raised by the SSSA in that displacing long-term employees will negatively impacted those employees by not allowing them to continue to work in Manhattan.

The outcome of this award is dramatically different from where we began in this dispute.  Initially, the Authority took the position that they were going to transfer 126th Street work and the SSSA supervisors into MCH depot, as well as them retaining all of their Road Control positions. This caused us to file two grievances.  We then attempted to negotiate a resolution where we would eventually get all of the SSSA’s work in Manhattan.  Throughout these negotiations, it was our strategy to be reasonable and flexible.  After months of negotiation, we failed to reach an agreement, but we did succeed in getting the Authority to abandon their plan to transfer the 126th Street work into MCH depot.  Once we got this agreement from them, we then agreed to a tri-lateral arbitration that would be heard by Howard Edelman.

It is clear from his decision that our strategy worked to our advantage in this proceeding, and as a result of this award, the Authority will no longer hire any new TA supervisors to work in Manhattan.  Our Union will eventually gain nearly 60 additional jobs for our members, and for the first time in the history of this great Organization, we will represent all of the supervisory work in Manhattan!

If you would like a copy of the award, please contact the Union office.

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