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38th Annual TSO Scholarship Awards

I am happy to announce that our partner M3 Technology, is sponsoring four (4) one thousand dollar scholarship awards and our new partners, Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano LLP and Central Medical Services of Westrock, are each sponsoring one (1) one thousand dollar scholarship award this year.  This is in addition to four (4) Scholarship Awards sponsored by the Union. There will be a total of ten (10) one thousand dollar scholarships awarded for the 2019 school year.

All of the winners and alternates will be drawn at the Holiday Party Thursday, December 20, 2018. There will be ten (10) winners, and ten (10) alternates drawn at 5:00 pm.

Application and Instructions

Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

During the Annual Open Enrollement Period it might a good time for you the check that your beneficiary information on your Pension and Life Insurance are up to date.

You can access this information through the BSC self-service portal or you can download the forms below. If your a member of the NYCERS retirement system click here.

MetLife Insurance Form

OA Pension Beneficiary Form

MTA Pension Beneficiary Form

Annual Open Enrollment - Supervisors with NYSHIP

If you are a OA/TA Supervisor with five (5) years or a MTA Bus Supervisor with ten (10) years in title in 2018, the Annual Open Enrollment period for you to change your medical and dental plans is November 1st through December 31st.   During that period you can make changes to your plans through the self-service employee portal.  If you happy with your current plans you don’t have to do anything.

OA/TA Supervisors who have completed five (5) years or MTA Bus Supervisor with ten (10) years in title in 2018, the Authority will schedule a benefits orientation for you to assist you in transitioning to the NYSHIP plan.  Contact your Division Chair for more information on the orientation schedule.   

As you may be aware, the TSO and the SSSA have been negotiating enhancements to our current dental and vision plans.  We concluded these negotiations earlier this year and due to delays in the procurement process these plans will not go into effect until the first quarter of 2019.  The new plans will offer significant improvement over our current plans and will include dependent coverage until age 26 regardless of the child’s student status.  If you have any questions call the Union Office for more information.

2019 Flexibile Spending Account Enrollment Period

It’s that time again – when the FSA enrollment period rolls around and you should start thinking about your eligible expenses.

Sponsored by the MTA, the FSA is a pre-tax benefit plan that enables workers to save federal, state and social security (FICA) taxes on money used to pay for medical and certain other expenses and dependent or elder care. The bottom line is that by using an FSA, you get your tax break upfront, parceled out over the year in the form of lower tax withholdings on each paycheck.

MTA Bus Interest Arbitration

*** Arbitration Update ***

This is to inform everyone that on Friday, November 9th the record was officially CLOSED.

We expect a decision by early to mid December.  As soon as the decision is issued we will have it available to the members.  We will also have a MTA Bus Division meeting to discuss the award.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members!

I would like to thank everyone who attended the meetings yesterday.

We hope that the meetings help clear up any confusion that you may have had regarding the Interest Arbitration.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your Unit Chair.

We will post and disseminate additional information as it becomes available.


Vincent Modafferi

As of today, the arbitrator has still given us NO indication as to when an award will be issued.

We are disappointed but not entirely surprised at the delay.  This has been a very unique and complicated arbitration, especially the pension issues.  For better or worse, we are pretty sure the arbitrator will be looking at the Local 100 and recent ATU 1179 & 1181 pension settlements for direction and guidance on this issue in our award.

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  We all knew from the beginning that this was going to be a very long and drawn out process.  We are now at the end of that process and ask everyone to remain patient.  As soon as we have any additional information, we will post it to the website.

Hearings and witness testimony were completed yesterday.

 The Union presented witness testimony and exhibits that clearly demonstrated our argument and case that the MTA Bus supervisors are doing the same job, working for the same employer, and in many cases the same locations as the OA and TA supervisors, but are being paid less.


We also presented testimony and exhibits demonstrating to the panel that to achieve a comparable wage replacement rate (pension) for the supervisors, as provided for in the MTA Bus Local 100 pension award, the multiplier would have to be significantly higher than the $130 awarded to the hourly employees.


The Company did not have any questions for or cross examined any of our witnesses, nor did they dispute our claim that the MTA Bus supervisors are performing the same duties as the OA & TA supervisors.   Their case is based solely on the principle of pattern bargaining and how it has been historically applied to all the Unions under the MTA umbrella.  They also argued that the pension improvements in the Edelman Award were paid for by Local 100.


At the conclusion of the hearing, Arbitrator Wittenberg decided to leave the “record open” for thirty days to give both sides the opportunity to review the testimony and exhibits.  Closing briefs are due on June 8, 2018, at which time we will ask the Arbitrator the issue a decision as soon as possible.


As I have said along, we face an uphill battle attempting to overcome the pattern bargaining argument.  However, we believe the situation in MTA Bus is so unique and beyond any sense of fairness that if any case is going to “break” the pattern it would be this case at this time.  We remain optimistic that we will be able to make progress towards closing the gap on the pay inequities between MTA Bus and the OA/TA.

TSO Gets Shorts Approved and Upgrades to the Dispatcher Uniform!

After becoming aware that the operator unions had a contractual agreement with management discuss changes to their uniforms we meet with management to discuss changes to the Dispatcher uniform.  Through these negotiations, we able to achieve several changes to the current uniforms that will significantly improve their quality, performance and functionality.  We believe the most significant change to the uniform is that after years of patience and persistence were able to get the Authority to agree to allow the Dispatchers to wear shorts as part of their uniform.

All of these changes were supposed to go into effect in conjunction with the re-bidding of the current VF Solutions contract that was scheduled to expire in July.  Unfortunately, the Authority recently extended the contract until November 2019.  We are working with management to try and implement pieces of the uniform upgrade, before the expiration of the current contract, like the Polo shirts that are currently being distributed.

As for the shorts, management believes they will be able to have the dispatcher shorts available through VF Solution by the end of the year.  However, that doesn’t help us out for this summer.  In the interim, we have asked the Authority if they could source a model and vendor for our members to purchase “official” dispatcher shorts as a part of the summer uniform.  They have identified Aramark as the vendor and the below options.

Only the following styles have been approved for purchase:

Male     #DEF – 20255 (Navy Blue)

            #DEF - 20259 – Cargo Style (Navy Blue)

Female #DEF – 20261 (Navy Blue)

            #DEF – 2541 – Cargo Style (Navy Blue)

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