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Illinois Supreme Court Rejects Lawmakers’ Pension Overhaul


MAY 8, 2015 - Published by the NY Times

CHICAGO — The Illinois Supreme Court on Friday rejected changes that legislators made to fix a deeply troubled public pension system, leaving the state where it had started — with a significant budget crisis, a vastly underfunded pension program and no plan in sight.

All seven members of the state’s highest court found that a pension overhaul lawmakers had agreed to almost a year and a half ago violated the Illinois Constitution. The changes would have curtailed future cost-of-living adjustments for workers, raised the age of retirement for some and put a cap on pensions for those with the highest salaries. But under the state Constitution, benefits promised as part of a pension system for public workers “shall not be diminished or impaired.”

“Crisis is not an excuse to abandon the rule of law,” Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier wrote in an opinion. “It is a summons to defend it.”

Local Launches Organizing Campaign


*** Up-dated May 1, 2015 ***

In April we filed a petition with the Public Employees Relation Board (PERB) seeking representation of the MSII's in subways.  A conference has been scheduled for Friday, May 22nd.  We hope that at the conference we will be granted voluntary recognition by PERB and the TA based on the strong showing of interest we have among the eligible MSII's.

If you haven't already signed up, please down load a representation card and mail it back to us!

For the past two months we have been organizing the MSII’s in MOW  and Station Maintenance Departments.  At this time, a majority of the eligible MSII's have signed representation cards to join our Union.  It has recently come to my attention that the SSSA has also begun an organizing campaign for this group as well.   Having a newly invigorated leadership in the SSSA is a positive change that we hope will eventually benefit all of the supervisors working for the Authority.

The advantages of becoming a member of TWU Local 106 are that we can offer you something that the new leadership at the SSSA simply cannot and that is a proven record of success and the fact that we DO NOT represent Level I Supervisors in MOW or subways.  Our Union was established in 1954, making us the oldest and most experienced Supervisors Union on the property.  I have been an Officer of this Union for 18 years and the President for five years. As President, I have negotiated 10 collective bargaining agreements, including an interest arbitration award and a historic initial contract for the MTA Bus Supervisors that included raises of over 43%.  Making promises are easy; securing a collective bargaining agreement is difficult and we have the knowledge, experience and a proven record of RESULTS.

OA/TA Discipline Reduction Program

As part of our 2013 - 2018 collective bargaining agreement, the Union negotiated a Discipline Reduction Program for members who have reprimands and/or warnings on their official records for violations committed prior to January 1, 2015. 

Discipline and Grievance

a)  Reprimands and warnings will be removed from a Supervisor’s discipline record for discipline imposed prior to January 1, 2015 if there was no subsequent discipline initiated within twenty-four (24) months of the warning or reprimand being imposed.

Member should check their DAN History through the BSC Self Service Portal.  If you believe you qualify for the discipline reduction program, please contact your Unit Chairperson.

2013 - 2018 MTA Bus Contract

The Union will begin contract negotiations with the Company on January 28th. The union is fully committed to obtaining wage and benefits parity with supervisors in the OA and TA.

Career and Salary Contract Agreement

I am happy to announce that the tentative agreement on the 2009-2017 Career and Salary Contract was ratified by the members on Friday, March 20th.

The contract will now go to the  March 25th MTA Board meeting for final approval.  When approved we will post more information regarding the implementation of the agreement.

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