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Mother Clara Hale Depot Re-opening and 126th Road Posts

In September, the Union filed two grievances opposing the Authority plan to transfer the 126th Street Depot supervisor work into Mother Clara Hale Depot when it re-opens in January 2015 and our claim that when 126th Street Depot closes the Road Posts that were associated with that depot should become OA represented work.

On Friday, November 21st the three parties to the dispute (TSO, SSSA and the Authority) held an interest arbitration hearing before the mutually agreed to arbitrator, Howard Edelman.  The three parties made their cases before the arbitrator and after the hearing the record was closed.

We are now awaiting his decision.  Once we receive the award we will mail it to all of the members.

Attention OA & Queens Division Supervisors Enrolled in the Local 100 Dental & Vision Plans

*** CONTRACT and Supplemental Benefits Update ***

We had originally reached an agreement with Labor Relations that would have allowed our members, who are enrolled in the former Local 100 Dental and Vision plans to enroll in the Supervisors Supplemental Plans during the current open enrollment period, but after checking with the BSC we were told that due to scheduling and enrollment deadline they would not be able to enroll this group of supervisors into the Supervisors Supplemental Plans during the open enrollment period.

We are currently in contract negotiations and are discussing an open enrollment period that would take place shortly after the contract is ratification.  We will update the website on our progress in contract negotiations and benefits enrollment

MTA Bus Retroactive Wage Adjustment Info

Retroactive Payments will be issued on December 10th

If you don't already have access to the self service portal, we suggest that you should register as soon as possible by following the instructions below.

The following information has been confirmed by the BSC:

  • A Separate Retroactive Payment Adjustment check will be issued on December 10th

Detailed information on the RWA payment will be available to every member through the BSC self service portal on the week of the RWA payment .

CLICK HERE to go to the BSC Self-Service Home page

CLICK HERE for Info to Access and Download Data on the BSC Self-Service Portal

CLICK HERE for info on Signing in to the BSC Self-Service Portal for the First Time

If you have any questions regarding the RWA payments or need information on accessing your data, please contact the Union office.

RWA Payment Worksheet

We have created an excel work sheet for the members to calculate their retroactive payment.  This will help the members decide what percentage, if any they would like to defer. To calculate your payment, you need to input the hours you worked during each pay raise period, make sure you select your correct title.  This can be done by adding up the hours on your pay checks or by checking your time cards.  The attached calculator is for members who are eligible for RWA for the entire term of the contract.  We are working on a calculator for members who were hired or appointed during the term of the contract.

The deadline for deferrals is Friday, November 14th.

Click HERE to open MTA Bus Retroactive Work Sheet.

Ebola Guidance

The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), has released a three-page guidance document on Ebola Virus Disease and how workers can protect themselves. We recently met with management to discuss the MTA's readiness plan.  MTA has released the following information and guidance.

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