Station Supervisors Level II Contract Update

Today, PERB appointed a mediator.  We hope to schedule a mediation session as soon as possible.

On Friday, March 14, 2014, the Union has filed an impasse on the Level II contract.

We have retained the same “team” that successfully represented us in the previous proceeding and will do everything we can to expedite the process.   We will keep everyone informed as we proceed through the process and would like to thank everyone for their patience and support during these very difficult negotiations.

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Retroactive Wage Adjustment Portal Information

The BSC has confirmed that the Retroactive Wage Adjustment (RWA), and Medical Contribution Refund data will available to the members through the BSC portal.  Every member will be able to view and download a complete breakdown of their retroactive wage adjustments through the BSC portal.  This information should be available in the next few weeks.  As soon as the RWA data becomes available we will post a notice on our website.

Having access to this data through the self-service portal is a significant improvement over how the 2007 retroactive wage adjustment payments were made.  Our members will now have complete, detailed, and transparent information on how their payment was calculated.  If a member has any questions or believe there was a miscalculation they will have the information necessary for them to have the Union and/or the BSC investigate their claim.

CLICK HERE to go to the BSC Self-Service Home page

CLICK HERE for Info to Access and Download Data on the BSC Self-Service Portal

CLICK HERE for info on Signing in to the BSC Self-Service Portal for the First Time

  • A Separate Retroactive Payment Check will be issued on May 8th.
  • The Healthcare Contribution refund payments will be issued on June 5th.
  • Retiree's and Inactive employee's retroactive payments will be issued on July 3rd.

If you have any questions regarding the RWA payments or need information on accessing your data, please contact the Union office.

MTA Board - Board Meeting - 3/26/2014

For the President's and Robert Elznic address to the Board fast forward to 02:30

For Mike Troina's address to the Board fast forward to 17:30

Transit Supervisors Seek Outside Help In Wage Dispute

By SARAH DORSEY | 0 comments

Nearly 300 transit supervisors claim they are at a bargaining impasse with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority over a long-overdue contract, just three months after their subordinates—and their counterparts in other divisions—were granted pay raises by an arbitrator.

Transport Workers Union Local 106 officials say they filed for impasse March 21 after reaching “almost total concurrence” with agency negotiators, blaming the MTA Board for failing to approve the agreement at its February meeting. The union is now demanding parity in wages and benefits with supervisors in other divisions.

TWU Local 106 Rally

This morning the Union held a Rally outside of the MTA Headquarters to express our disappointment in the MTA for not allowing the Union and MTA Bus Company to enter into a long overdo collective bargaining agreement. 

Along with members from every bargaining Unit of the Union we were joined by City Council member and Chair of the Committee on Civil Service & Labor, I. Daneek Miller, TWU International Vice President and Director of the Transit Division, Jerome LaFragola, and members and officers of ATU 1181, and the TWU NY-NJ State Conference.  We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us on this very cold and windy day.

The Local President, MTA Division Chair, Robert Elznic, and Station Supervisors Level II Chair, Mike Troina addressed the MTA Board and expressed to them our disappointment and to put a face on how the members of MTA Bus have been struggling over the past nine years.  Afterwards, we spoke to Board members and the press.  We hope that they will also get our message out.

We will try and get a video posted on the website of our remarks to the Board.

MTA Board Fails to Take Action on MTA Bus Contract

Today the Union filed for impasse on the MTA Bus contract.  The next step will be for PERB to appoint a mediator to hear the issues we are at impasse on and decide if an arbitration panel is necessary to resolve our contract.  As soon as we get the date for mediation we will post it here.

On January 24th, the Union made it clear to the Company that if the MTA Board does not take action on our contract at the February 26th Board Meeting the Union would file for an impasse.  Since that time, we have spoken to officials from the Mayor’s office, the MTA’s Director of Labor Relations, and distributed letters to the MTA Chairman/CEO, Tom Prendergast, and all of the MTA Board members urging them to take action on our contract. 

Unfortunately, the Board decided not to take any action on our contract at that Board meeting.  The MTA is continuing to use their misguided and discredited “net zero” bargaining strategy as an excuse for not being able to take any action on our contract.  The blame for the continuation of this failed strategy rests solely on Governor Cuomo.  He is determined to extract the same merciless concessions from the employees of the MTA that he was able to extract from the CSEA and PEF unions. Those concessions included, three years of zero wage increases and dramatic increases in their healthcare contributions. 

In addition to our lawyer, Denis Engel we have retained the services of Cohen, Weiss and Simon and The Labor Bureau Inc. to assist us in the interest arbitration. 

MTA Bus Supervisors Chilled by Pay Freeze

By SARAH DORSEY | Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014 5:00 pm

Brian De Freitas thought he was doing the right thing by applying for a promotion. For nearly 19 years, he’d served the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as a Bus Operator, climbing the ranks until he made roughly $70,000 a year in base pay. Sometimes he’d get overtime to supplement his income, when the depot was short a man or extra help was needed.

The pay was enough to provide for his son, then 6 years old, and his wife, who suffered from post-partum cardiomyopathy. Her treatment for that condition—a serious heart problem—made working difficult. But with Mr. De Freitas’s salary, they were able to afford their apartment in The Bronx in Co-Op City.

Promotion Meant $15G Cut

Then in 2008, Mr. De Freitas got his promotion to Dispatcher, a supervisory title that required transferring to a new union, Transport Workers Union Local 106. It seemed like a promising first step up the ladder.

But owing to a strange quirk in the MTA pay scale—and Local 106’s bad fortune in contract negotiations—the promotion also entailed a major step down in pay: his base salary would now be just $55,000.

Important Information about the OA/TA Data Breach

The New York City Transit Authority as an employer has an absolute obligation to protect and secure all their employees personal information. This incident of a computer disk being found with employees personal information on it shows the total lack of proper procedure when it comes to the handling of our personal information.

Even though as of March 11, 2014 the Authority has stated that there is no evidence so far that this information has been used in anyway illegally, we are joining the SSSA in demanding that the Authority pay for credit monitoring for three years and cover the cost of any damages caused by their total negligence in dealing with our members' personal information.  If this demand is denied, the unions are prepared to file a lawsuit on behalf of our members.  We are also demanding a review of how the Authority safeguards our member’s personal information and what steps will be taken by the Authority to ensure that this never happens again.  Since this computer disk contains personal information of not only Supervisors but Authority Managers, as well, we have reached out to the Transit Managers Benevolent Association (TMBA) to join us in our lawsuit if necessary.

You can take steps immediately to secure your personal information by calling the Data Breach Hotline at 844-894-8881 and they will assist you.

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