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Local Launches Organizing Campaign


For the past two months we have been organizing the MSII’s in MOW  and Station Maintenance Departments.  At this time, a majority of the eligible MSII's have signed representation cards to join our Union.  It has recently come to my attention that the SSSA has also begun an organizing campaign for this group as well.   Having a newly invigorated leadership in the SSSA is a positive change that we hope will eventually benefit all of the supervisors working for the Authority.

The advantages of becoming a member of TWU Local 106 are that we can offer you something that the new leadership at the SSSA simply cannot and that is a proven record of success and the fact that we DO NOT represent Level I Supervisors in MOW or subways.  Our Union was established in 1954, making us the oldest and most experienced Supervisors Union on the property.  I have been an Officer of this Union for 18 years and the President for five years. As President, I have negotiated 10 collective bargaining agreements, including an interest arbitration award and a historic initial contract for the MTA Bus Supervisors that included raises of over 43%.  Making promises are easy; securing a collective bargaining agreement is difficult and we have the knowledge, experience and a proven record of RESULTS.

If you haven't already signed up, please down load a representation card and mail it back to us!

Career and Salary Contract Agreement

I am happy to announce that the tentative agreement on the 2009-2017 Career and Salary Contract was ratified by the members on Friday, March 20th.

The contract will now go to the  March 25th MTA Board meeting for final approval.  When approved we will post more information regarding the implementation of the agreement.

Modafferi Re-Elected in Local 106 Landslide To Foil Comeback

By SARAH DORSEY | Posted: Monday, March 23, 2015 5:00 pm

The second time was even more charmed for Transport Workers Union Local 106 President Vincent Modafferi, who defeated challenger Robert Romaine March 13 by a much greater margin than he did three years ago.

The final tally was 430 to 207, with Mr. Modafferi winning 67.5 percent of the vote to Mr. Romaine’s 32.5 percent.

Was 5-Term Leader

Mr. Romaine was fighting to return to a position he held until September 2010, when he gave up the Local 106 presidency to become International Representative of the Transit Division of TWU International.  Before that, he headed the local for five terms, and Mr. Modafferi served as his treasurer and then vice president.

Mr. Modafferi assumed the top seat when Mr. Romaine left, and then beat him by 56 to 44 percent in 2012.

Local 106 represents Supervisors in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, mostly in bus divisions but also in subways.  About 60 percent of its nearly 1,100 members returned ballots, though many fewer members voted for the lower offices.

The incumbents swept nearly every officer’s seat.  Hubert Reardon and Michael Lawson remain as Secretary Treasurer and General Recording Secretary, respectively, after running unopposed. The local’s bylaws prohibit candidates from forming slates, but the two candidates who supported Mr. Romaine were defeated, Mr. Modafferi said.

In the OA Transportation unit, Thomas Burke bested Romaine supporter Gladys Arroyo, the former Vice Chair, by 54 to 46 percent.  John Muller was elected Vice Chair of that unit by a 71-to-29 percent margin, defeating Henry Neu, the former Recording Secretary.

Robert Elznic was re-elected as chair of the MTA Bus unit, receiving 80 percent of the vote to Romaine ally Neftali Gonzalez’s 20 percent.  Incumbent MTA Bus Recording Secretary Anthony Wiggins beat Christopher Panzarella by 69 to 31 percent.

The only other new officer is Marcia Reyes, who ran unopposed for Recording Secretary of OA Transportation.

The new term begins on April 1 and runs until March 31, 2018.

2015 General Election Results

These are the winners of the General Election held on Friday, March 13th:

President: Vincent Modafferi

OA Chairperson: Thomas Burke

OA Vice Chairperson: John Muller       

MTA Chairperson: Robert Elznic

MTA Recording Secretary: Anthony Wiggins

We would like to thank the candidates and the members who participated in the election.  The new term begins on April 1st and continues until March 31, 2018.

Click here for the full election results

Click here for the list of 2015 Union Officers

OA/TA Contract Benefits Implemenation

Active OA& TA TWU Local 106 – Transit Supervisors

Appointed After February 28, 2008

Vision Coverage & Dental Options - effective 04/01/2015

Click Here for Health Fair Schedule

Summary of Plan Options:

I.          Vision Coverage: Vision coverage is under EyeMed with General Vision Services (GVS) as a participating provider. 

II.        Dental Coverage - during this special open enrollment period you will have the option of enrolling in one of the three additional dental plans listed below.  If you chose not to enroll in one of these plans your current  dental plan will remain in effect until the next open enrollment period.

1- MetLife (Fee Schedule):  Click Here for Summary Plan Description

In-Network or Out-of-Network:

  • $1,500 Annual Limit
  • No Lifetime Limit except for Orthodonture
  • $1,000 Orthodontic Lifetime Limit
  • Reimbursement (fixed dollar reimbursement per procedure)

2 - MetLife (PPO):     Click Here for Summary Plan Description


  • $1,500 Annual Limit
  • No Lifetime Limit except for Orthodonture
  • $1,000 Orthodontic Lifetime Limit
  • Reimbursement (based on Reasonable and Customary Charges):
    1. Preventive                   80%
    2. Minor Restorative      60%
    3. Major Restorative      40%
  • This is the link for participating Metlife dentists.  GO to FIND A Dentist and enter PDP in the "select your network" box  or you can call them at 800-942-0854


  • $500 Annual Limit
  • No Orthodontic Coverage
  • Annual deductible $50 individual/$150 family
  • Reimbursement (based on Reasonable and Customary Charges):
    1. Preventive                   30%
    2. Minor Restorative      25%
    3. Major Restorative        0%

3- Dentcare/Healthplex:       Click Here for Plan Brochure


  • No Annual or Lifetime Limit
  • No Copayments except for $300 Orthodontic and $100 Prosthetics (fixed or removable                             bridges)
  • Click here for Directory of Providers


  • No benefits available
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