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News & Information

Early Voting Comes to NY

For the first time in New York state history, you will be able to vote early for the November 5, 2019 general election.  Early voting starts on October 26, and runs until November 3.

Click HERE to find your polling place.

MTA's Fabricated Overtime Crisis

TWU International President, John Samuelsen responses to the fabricated overtime crisis at the Emergency MTA Board Meeting on Friday, May 10th.

We fully support our fellow labor leaders on the MTA Board for calling out MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye and Board Member Laryy Schwartz for thier total distortion of facts and disregard for the hard work and dedication of the labor work force that has over the past year turned around the steep decline in subway and bus preformance.  What is most shocking about this is that the presentation by the MTA Cheif Finanical Officer, Bob Foran contradicts what Messrs. Foye and Schwartz are claiming!

General Recording Secretary Election


At 10AM this morning the ballots were counted and the results are as follows:

 Transit Supervisors Organization
General Recording Secretary




Jose DeJesus 


(39.84 %)

Mike Rodriguez 


(27.36 %)

Roderick Bailey 


(17.1 %)

Steven Lopez 


(11.47 %)

Nurul Zahangir 


(4.23 %)

We would like to congratulate Jose on being elected to the position of TSO General Recording Secretary.  We would like to also thank all of the candidates who participated in the election.  Jose will assume the position effective immediately.

Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

During the Annual Open Enrollement Period it might a good time for you the check that your beneficiary information on your Pension and Life Insurance are up to date.

You can access this information through the BSC self-service portal or you can download the forms below. If your a member of the NYCERS retirement system click here.

MetLife Insurance Form

OA Pension Beneficiary Form

MTA Pension Beneficiary Form

Constitution and by-laws Amendment

On June 22, 2017 the members approved an amendment to General Elections Section IX (a) of the Local's Constitution and by-laws.  Section IX (a) will now read as follows:

"All Officers and Executive Council members shall be elected every four (4) years, in a secret ballot election."

This change will go into effect in conjunction with the upcoming 2018 Officers and Executive Council member elections.

We would like to thank everyone who attended any one of these meetings.

Financial Disclosure Filing (JCOPE) for OA Line Supervisors

*** UP DATE ***

Last week we received two (2) denial letters from JCOPE regarding our exemption filings for OA Line Supervisors and OA Revenue Supervisors.  If you haven't filed a financial disclosure statement for 2106 yet we urge you to do so as soon as possible.  We are reviewing the denials and have asked our lawyer to contract JCOPE for clarification and guidance on appealing their determination.   If you have any questions, call the Ethics Helpline at 888-827-5682 (888-U ASK MTA).

If you have received a letter from NEW YORK STATE JOINT COMMISSION ON PUBLIC ETHICS directing you to file a financial disclosure application, you should file an individual exemption application.  The Union has recently filed with the the NYS Joint Commission of Public Ethics a Union exemption application.  We recommend that you include the Union exemption application documents in your individual filing.  We are currently awaiting their response to our application and believe based on the job duties of these titles we should be exempt from filing.

You should send a copy of the application to:

Paige Graves
General Counsel
2 Broadway, Room D30.13
New York, NY 10004
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