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OA & TA Tentative Contract Agreements

On behalf of our negotiating team (Thomas Burke, Dennis Bottomley, Phil Valenti), I am happy to announce that we have reached tentative agreements with the Authority on our 2013 through 2018 contracts.  For your convenience, I have listed below some of the Contract highlights. 

  • Wage increases in every year of the contract with full retroactivity back to June 8, 2013.
  • Reduction in the 10-year member eligibility period for NYSHIP medical benefits to five years for current and future members.
  • Maintained current members’ health benefits contributions.
  • Dental and Vision Improvements.
  • All members will now be enrolled in the same Supplemental Dental and Vision Plans.
  • Increases in the Life Insurance benefit from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • Guaranteed 12-day sick advancement every May 1st.
  • Changes in the current OA lay-off language from time of hire to time in supervisor title.
  • Option of cashing-out up to five weeks of vacation at the time of retirement.
  • LIRR or Metro North commuter passes for members living outside of the five boroughs.
  • Members with less than 50% of their potential may now be eligible for a sick leave cash-out at the time of their separation (Pilot Program).
  • Increase the AVA and OTO caps.
  • Death in Family to include Step Children.
  • Discipline Reduction Language that provides for the removal of certain disciplinary actions from your record.

We believe this is a fair and balanced agreement that addresses our members’ priorities, concerns, and needs.  This agreement also corrects some longstanding contract terms that were unfair and inequitable to some of our members.  If you have any questions on the tentative agreement, please contact your Chairperson, or the Union Office.

Complete OA MOU

Complete Queens MOU

Mother Clara Hale Depot Arbitration Award

This decision is a historic victory for our Union because the award confirms our position that with the closing of 126th Street Depot all of the supervisory work in Manhattan should become TSO represented work.  The decision also recognized the concerns raised by the SSSA in that displacing long-term employees will negatively impacted those employees by not allowing them to continue to work in Manhattan.

The outcome of this award is dramatically different from where we began in this dispute.  Initially, the Authority took the position that they were going to transfer 126th Street work and the SSSA supervisors into MCH depot, as well as them retaining all of their Road Control positions. This caused us to file two grievances.  We then attempted to negotiate a resolution where we would eventually get all of the SSSA’s work in Manhattan.  Throughout these negotiations, it was our strategy to be reasonable and flexible.  After months of negotiation, we failed to reach an agreement, but we did succeed in getting the Authority to abandon their plan to transfer the 126th Street work into MCH depot.  Once we got this agreement from them, we then agreed to a tri-lateral arbitration that would be heard by Howard Edelman.

It is clear from his decision that our strategy worked to our advantage in this proceeding, and as a result of this award, the Authority will no longer hire any new TA supervisors to work in Manhattan.  Our Union will eventually gain nearly 60 additional jobs for our members, and for the first time in the history of this great Organization, we will represent all of the supervisory work in Manhattan!

If you would like a copy of the award, please contact the Union office.

Arbitrator Restores 8 Hour Rule for Supervisors

Arbitrator, Howard Edelman recently issued a decision agreeing with the Union's position and restored how the Authority applies the eight hour rule to Dispatcher.  In February of this year the Authority unilaterally changed the way they applied the eight hour rule to Dispatchers and we filed a grievance.  After many Authority adjournments and delays the grievance was finally heard by Howard Edelman, and on November 6th he issued his award.  If there are any members who believe they were denied overtime because of the misapplication of the eight hour rule, please contact your Chairperson and let them know.

If you would like a copy of the award, please contact the Union office.

MTA Bus Retroactive Wage Adjustment Info

Retroactive Payments will be issued on December 10th

If you don't already have access to the self service portal, we suggest that you should register as soon as possible by following the instructions below.

The following information has been confirmed by the BSC:

  • A Separate Retroactive Payment Adjustment check will be issued on December 10th

Detailed information on the RWA payment will be available to every member through the BSC self service portal on the week of the RWA payment .

CLICK HERE to go to the BSC Self-Service Home page

CLICK HERE for Info to Access and Download Data on the BSC Self-Service Portal

CLICK HERE for info on Signing in to the BSC Self-Service Portal for the First Time

If you have any questions regarding the RWA payments or need information on accessing your data, please contact the Union office.

House approves bill to allow multiemployer pension plan benefit cuts

Trustees of financially distressed multiemployer pension plans would be allowed to cut participants' benefits to prevent the plans from becoming insolvent under legislation narrowly approved by the House of Representatives Thursday night.

Benefits could be cut if a plan is projected to become insolvent during a current plan year or any of the next 14 years, or any of the next 19 years if the plan's ratio of inactive participants to active participants exceeds 2-to-1 or if the plan is less than 80% funded.

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