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On February 4, 2016, we began negotiations on the 2013-2018 MTA Bus contract.  We presented the Company with a comprehensive and detailed list of demands that achieve wage and benefits parity with our brothers and sisters in the OA and TA.  We decided not to discuss the pension issue until after the Local 100 interest arbitration award is issued.  Once the award is issued, we will then formulate our demands.  We had a thorough conversation outlining our demands and our position during this round of negotiations.  We expressed our desire to reach a negotiated agreement but would declare an impasse if we believed a parity agreement will not reached through good faith bargaining.

The Company’s position is that the 2013-2018 OA/TA wage pattern applies to this contract and any improvements above the pattern would have to be funded by the Union.   They also indicated that it is unlikely that they will support our effort to achieve wage parity with the City and/or the MTA Board.  They reminded us that during the last round of negotiations, it was management that advocated on our behalf before the City and the MTA Board.  Anticipating their position in this round of negotiations we have already retained the public relations firm Pitta, Bishop, Del Giorno & Giblin to assist us in making our case for wage parity before the City and State.

Our strategy from the very beginning was to negotiate an initial contract that put in place similar wages, benefits, and working conditions for the MTA Bus Supervisors’ to those of the OA/TA Supervisors.  Achieving that in the last round of negotiations, we are now in a much stronger position to argue for parity before an arbitrator then we were during the last round of negotiations.  Although we believe we have a strong case for parity in an interest arbitration proceeding, there are no guarantees on how an arbitrator might rule in such a case.  Therefore, we will continually evaluate our position throughout these negotiations and will pursue our best possible options to achieve our goals.

We have again retained Denis Engel as our lead counsel and Tom Roth as our economist to assist us throughout these negotiations.   We are schedule to meet with the Company again on February 25th.