Update-Allowance for Work On Scheduled Day Off

On September 20th we filed a grievance for all Units of the TSO that were affected by this change.

On August 27th the MTA and its agencies of NYCT, MaBSTOA, and MTA Bus made a sweeping change to the interpretation of the criteria of what is considered as work time in a week when you work an RDO. This unilateral change was implemented without discussions with the TSO. We immediately pushed back and called for a meeting with all the Unions involved and affected by this change.

The office of Labor Relations is meeting internally and have not made a final decision on how they plan to handle this push back. The TSO has a grievance written and ready to go but it’s on hold until we hear what they have to say. Our CBA’s allow for 30 days to file a grievance so we still have some time. Rest assure we are on top of this and we are dealing with it. When more information becomes available we will let you know.

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