Bronx Road Dispatcher Assaulted

On Saturday June 17th one of our Bronx Road Dispatcher’s was working at Westchester and Tremont Ave’s when a crazed pedestrian that was harassing a Bus Operator on a layover at the terminal punched the Dispatcher in the chest and face. The Dispatcher heard yelling and walked over to the bus and bus operator to see if he could assist and the pedestrian attacked him. The Dispatcher did not sustain any reported injury.

This was the third assault on a Road Dispatcher in the last 30 days!

Our men and women are out there on the streets serving the riding public of the MTA and we’re being assaulted! If we lay back and do nothing when operators are dealing with menacing pedestrians we face backlash from management and the operator unions and if we step in to assist the operator we’re getting assaulted. Something needs to change. New York is getting progressively more dangerous and those that have been elected to keep us safe better start doing their damn job!

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