Call Albany to Toughen Assault Protections

A coalition of Transit Unions want the politicians in Albany to make spitting, shoving, kicking, and other physical contact against transit workers, a crime. Right now, these vile and unacceptable acts are only considered violations — like a parking ticket.

We can change that.   Tell your state Senator and Assembly Member to support legislation making physical contact with a transit worker — including spitting — a misdemeanor crime: aggravated harassment, punishable by up to a year in jail. It just takes a minute. Call them. Email them. Give them a piece of your mind.

Click on the links below to identify and contact your state representatives.  

we are waging this campaign with our Union brothers and sisters in the MTA Labor Coalition comprised of TWU Local 100; ATU Locals 726, 1056, 1179 and 1181; The Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation Workers Association (SMART); The Association of Commuter Rail Employees (ACRE) and The Subway Surface Supervisors Association.

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