Calling on all MTA Bus Members to address the MTA Board January 31, 2023!

The Supervisors at MTA Bus do exactly the same job as the Supervisors at MaBSTOA and NYC Transit locations so why should you be paid less. The MTA needs to correct this injustice and make it right. We know that the only way we can achieve justice in the form of equal pay will be at the bargaining table but we can’t be asked to sell our souls to get there. We are willing to meet in the middle for a fair deal but the MTA and the MTA Board needs to first realize we have a problem before they are willing to move. That’s why I am asking for you to get involved. The MTA Board needs to hear from the people that are affected by this so it’s time for the complaining to stop and for you to do something about it.

So in our quest to voice our disgust over the pay disparity situation that exists at MTA Bus, I am calling on all members that are available on January 31, 2023 to attend in person to speak to the MTA Board. The rules to speak to the MTA board simply put, are that you need to be respectful and to keep your comments to two minutes long. I’m calling on you to take action. I am compiling a list of those that will attend and that want to speak. Please email me at if you are willing to speak to the MTA Board on the 31st.

I hope to hear from many of you soon as this is a team effort.

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