Citi Bike Critical Workforce Membership Program Extension

Lyft announced that Citi and Mastercard have partnered to commit $1 million to significantly grow the Citi Bike Critical Workforce Membership Program, making memberships longer and available to more workers.

More than 5,500 first-responder, healthcare, and transit workers have joined the program since it began offering a free month of Citi Bike rides in March. Now, the program will include full-year annual memberships and expand its benefits to include workers at critical food-related non-profits, as well as essential City of New York employees. The deadline for joining this new program has also been extended from April 30 to May 31.

To sign up for a free Citi Bike membership, follow these instructions by May 31:

  • Go
  • Enter program code: P3F4PZ7D
  • Complete remaining steps to sign up. You will still need to put a credit card on file in case of any extra time fees incurred or lost bike fees
  • Verify your work email address
  • Click the link we send to your email to verify. (needs to be work email)
  • You can ride immediately using the Citi Bike mobile app to unlock a bike
  • You can also ride using the Lyft app by linking your new Citi Bike account within your Lyft rider profile
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