Gov. Hochul sends National Guard to patrol NYC subway stations | NBC New York

Congestion Pricing and Crime Collision Course

PROBLEM 1- The MTA is moving ahead with Congestion Pricing with the alleged goal of reducing cars off the road by forcing people to take Mass Transit or face fees at the same time there is no plan to increase service on Buses or Subways.

PROBLEM 2- Crime in Buses and Subways is getting worse daily and it’s at the point that the Governor has actually called on the National Guard to be in the Subway System along with the Police doing random bag checks.

So, we have the MTA looking to push the public into the Mass Transit System with Congestion Pricing at the same time we have Crime in the Mass Transit system, the worst it’s been in years and getting worse daily. This is a recipe for disaster!

When you forcibly funnel people into one place with no outlet, It’s inevitable, you will have tension, outbursts, and violence. And when that happens and it will happen! The MTA will be to blame for this as they caused it.

We are calling on the MTA to kill the Congestion Pricing Plan and at the same time protect its employees by getting Crime on Buses and in the Subway System/OUR WORKPLACE under control.

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