Contract Bargaining Update

Over the last two weeks we received the first drafts of the MSII, MaBSTOA and Queens contracts. We have been going back and forth with changes that we requested and other issues that we have raised. Once we get all of the language to where we feel is satisfactory, we will sign off and bring the contracts to the membership.

MTA Bus- Because of the pay parity issue and the lack of time the Authority was giving us to hammer out the MTA Bus contract, we needed to do things differently. So last week were finally given the green light to have Departmental meetings to try and narrow the scope of what we are trying to achieve and to save time as Labor Relations is unavailable for this right now. On day one we met with the Zerega management team and we now have one of the four pieces needed resolved and agreed to. We are meeting with Road Control this Wednesday and we hope to put two more pieces of the plan in the books. We are working every option at the fastest pace possible to move the MTA Bus contract along and to a close. There is nothing more we can do at this time other than to continue pushing forward and working our plan. Keep the faith as I’m confident we will be successful.

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