CBS News Story-Crime in NYC Transit up 18% so far this year compared to last year

Whether it’s the Biden open borders policy, Mayor Adams come to our sanctuary city policy or no consequences for your crimes Alvin Bragg, we as New Yorkers are being assaulted and killed and you as New York City Transit Employees need to come to work in full alert mode! New York is rolling back to the pre-Giuliani days of high crime rates and chaos.

I can’t stress enough how concerned I am about all of our members safety that are working out in the street and in the subways. I believe what you are seeing lately on the news with all of these crimes taking place is just the beginning of what’s to come especially now with the city flooded with illegal aliens.

Don’t be victim! Pay Attention to your Surroundings! Be Prepared to Protect Yourself!

Phil Valenti, President

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