Death Gamble Senate Bill A.7563/ S.7224 Passed Assembly and Senate, now it’s up to the Governor to do the right thing and sign!

For the last two years of the Valenti Presidency, the TSO- TWU Local 106 has made the Death Gamble Bill-OUR ONE LEGISLATIVE GOAL. We have put all of our efforts physically and financially with the help of you, with your contributions to the Political Activity Fund to force this most important Bill out of the darkness and into the bright sunlight, and now we’re only a few feet away from home.

This Bill will now be heading to Governor Hochul to sign or not. This is a life and death situation and we will be reaching out to the Governor to urge her to sign this Bill ASAP, because as of now, the family of a member that dies after meeting the minimum requirement to retire of 25/55 will only get what that member earned in the last 12 months X three and that’s a disgrace! And until this Bill is signed into law all of those who fit this criteria are risking their life’s work with the MTA and putting their pension at risk.

The TSO has brought this Bill to this point with our coordination and efforts with other Labor Unions and our Lobbying and we will not take our foot off the gas until we get the incredibly important piece of Legislation passed. A special thanks needs to be made to Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato and Senator Andrew Gounardes for sponsoring this Bill. And thank you to all the other fine members of both houses that voted to approve, we appreciate your support!

We are also asking you to contact Governor Hochul by phone or email and tell her to Sign the Death Gamble Bill S7224 immediately.

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