Dental & Vision Age 26 Coverage

We are pleased to inform you that effective January 1, 2020 our New Vision Plan will go into effect and both our current dental and new vision plans will be extending coverage for your dependent child(ren) up to the end of the month they attain age 26, regardless of their student status.

Therefore, you will not need to submit student verification and/or recertification for Spring 2020. Going forward, while your dependent is under age 26, they will remain on your dental and/or vision coverage.

To add your dependent child(ren) under age 26, please complete the attached HR-BEN-600 form and provide the required documentation for each child. The list of required documentation is on the back of the form, under #2 titled “For Children.”

Note: If your dependent is currently covered under their own COBRA dental/vision plan, they can cancel that plan once you receive confirmation from us that their coverage under your family plan is reinstated.

You can check your dependent health care information online under My Benefits/Health Care Dependent Summary on the BSC website at

For assistance, contact the Business Service Center

Phone: 646-376-0123


Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday

Please have your BSC ID ready when you contact us and be sure to include your full name and BSC ID on all emails and documents you submit.

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