Gov. Hochul could delay congestion pricing due to political concerns, reports say

It has been reported in the last few hours that congestion pricing may be delayed.

One of the things I’ve been saying from day one about congestion pricing is that this terrible idea of charging people for just driving into an area if successful will spread to other areas of New York. And if you think because you live on Long Island or Upstate that this toll doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong. If the City and MTA generates big money from this BS toll then you better believe that the politicians in your neighborhood will look to eventually put a toll on a road near you in order to generate revenue. All it takes is putting up a pole with a camera and EZ Pass scanner and they’re done.

Red light and speed cameras have spread all over New York and how pissed off are you when you open the mail to find the surprise of a fine mailed to you. Congestion Pricing will be the same bad thing and it needs to die already.

Phil Valenti

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