Manhattan Road Dispatcher Viciously Assaulted

On Saturday June 10th one of our Manhattan Road Dispatchers was standing at 4th Avenue and Astor place when a unidentified male pedestrian sucker punched the Dispatcher in the face. The Dispatcher suffered a broken nose and lose of vision. This was a completely unprovoked attack! The Dispatcher was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated and is now recovering at home.

The TSO is pushing the Authority and NYPD for a full investigation into this brutal assault, in hopes this violent piece of garbage gets caught. We will keep you posted on this case as more information becomes available.

NY State and City Leaders should be embarrassed of what they’ve allowed our once great city to become. It’s a disgrace and it’s getting worse! In short, we are living in a city of just complete chaos and lawlessness.

Please be carful while working out there, you never know who is around you and what they’re capable of.

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