MASSIVE NEWS!!! MTA Bus Contract!

After years of battling, today we received the first draft of what will be the MTA Bus contract. And I’m incredibly happy to tell you that we have achieved our goal of FULL PAY PARITY!

This is an historic moment for the TSO as we have been fighting for 15 years over this one big issue and today I can tell you that we did it. You will be paid what you rightfully deserve and that is to be paid the same as your brothers and sisters in the OA and TA.

We will need to make a few minor tweaks to language which will cause a little back and forth before we can sign off but that should not take much time. As soon as I have a fully signed agreement I will post it here and it will be emailed to you by your Chairman and mailed to you’re house along with the information for the contract to be voted on.

I hope this made your weekend that much better and I will see you soon at the Contract question and answer meeting that we will have. Meeting information (when set) will be posted here and mailed to you.

In Unity,

P. Valenti

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