MTA Bus Contract Highlights and Membership Meeting!

The Contract is missing one signature, once we get the contract back on Tuesday fully signed we will post it and send it to you. For now this is what I can put out that encapsulates what we achieved in this new agreement, see below Contract Highlights! This contract was all about achieving pay parity. This was the goal from day one and the biggest hurdle we had to climb. We know there are many other items that we still need to get to be even and we’ll work on those in future contracts but for now we accomplished the most important one on the list which is why you go to work every day $$$$$$.

I set an MTA Bus membership meeting to discuss the Contract and to answer questions. The meeting will be held at Edge City Church 46-16 Little Neck Pkwy, Little Neck 11362 on Thursday September 14th at 11:00am and at 4:30PM.

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