MTA Headed for Staff Shortage Crisis

As we witness the exodus of those people who worked at 2 Broadway and the BSC it’s obvious to see we are headed toward a crisis situation.

Why should you care you may ask?

If you have a problem that needs a manager or labor relations person to deal with but they’re so short handed and overwhelmed that they take forever to get to it, you pay the price. The problems the MTA is facing did not happen overnight. It came on slowly but it was predictable, avoidable and self inflicted.

This staffing shortage has already led to contract negotiations to take much longer than in the past and for retro pay to take more than twice as long to be issued.

We expect this situation to get worse as we found that in the last 2 weeks alone several key people in management have abruptly resigned or retired and they are having a disastrous time replacing them.

The MTA is in such a bad position right now it will take years to get out of this hole they dug and to have the right staffing levels in the most critical Departments.

As a Union this is what we’re dealing with so when you are not happy with how long problems are taking to get resolved this is why and it’s 100% unacceptable.

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