New TSO Dental Plan Implementation

*** UP-DATE – September 21st ***


The new Cigna Dental Plans are scheduled to go into effect on October 1st.

Member can click here the look-up Cigna in-network dentists in our area.

Choose Cigna DPPO Advantage plan if you are mapped to the PPO plan

Choose  Cigna Dental Care Access plan if you are mapped to the DHMO plan

All members and retirees should have received the introductory letter the BSC mailed out last week. You should have also received a Cigna Welcome Kit.  Members who are currently in MetLife or the Dental Shop PPO/Fee for Service plans will be “mapped” or automatically enrolled in the new Cigna PPO plan.  If would like to remain in the PPO plan then you DO NOT need to do anything.  Members currently enrolled in Healthplex or American Dental DHMO plans will be “mapped” or automatically enrolled the Cigna DHMO plan.  All members mapped to the new Cigna DHMO plan WILL HAVE TO CHOOSE a primary care Dentist in the new plan.  Information on how to do this will be included in the Cigna information kit.  Cigna will set up a dedicated HOT Line 800 578-5682 to assist our members during the transition.

The Union is suggesting that anyone currently or being mapped to the PPO plan should consider enrolling in the new DHMO plan.  There are no annual maximums and one implant per calendar year is fully covered under the new DHMO plan.

Click here for the CHANGE Form.  The form is also available through the portal.

Any member who would like to change the type of plan they are being “mapped” to (PPO to DHMO or DHMO to PPO) needs to submit the change form to the BSC by September 18th. 

We will post additional information as it becomes available.

*Members currently enrolled in the Hi-option dental plan (Emblem) will not receive the above mailings.  The Union has filed a grievance over the Authority’s refusal to allow our members who are enrolled in the hi-option dental to enroll in the enhanced Supervisors Dental Plan.  We should have a decision from the arbitrator on this by September 21st.

After years of negotiations and persistence the MTA Board finally approved our enhanced dental plans at the June 24th Board Meeting. 

As part of the selection committee and with the help of our consulting team we were able to negotiate a far superior plan design for both the PPO and DHMO plans, increase the annual individual and family maximums, include coverage for dependent children up to age 26 regardless of their educational status, and include dental implant coverage.  We are the first group of employees to have dental implant coverage as part of our no cost to the member dental insurance.

We are very excited to have Cigna as both our PPO and DHMO provider.  Cigna has a vastly greater national network of providers for both plans.  This will provide greater access to in-network dentists for our members and retirees who live outside the metropolitan area.  Greater access and maximizing the number of dentist overlap from the current providers to our new plan providers was our top priority and made Cigna our number one choice.

We are working with Employees Benefits and Cigna on how the member enrollment will be implemented and hope to have the new plans in place by October 1st.

We will update this webpage as more information becomes available.

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