Pause on All TSO/TWU Local 106 Contract Negotiations with the MTA

Last week, Transport Workers Union International President John Samuelson sent a letter to all TWU Local Presidents in negotiations with the MTA-New York City Transit Authority calling into question the Authority’s truthfulness in this round of negotiations.  Samuelson stated that the Authority is lying about a cost savings that was achieved in the last Local 100 contract and not to accept any contract extensions to make up for this savings.  Samuelson claims that there was no savings from the elevator clause of the Local 100 contract, which is the exact opposite of what Labor Relations has been telling us all along. 

We met with the Authority today and the Authority’s position has not changed and will not change.  They want us to agree to a two-month contract extension to make up for the elevator cost savings in the Local 100 contract as part of the pattern bargaining process.  Therefore, we called for an emergency meeting with all of the key people from the MTA and our team including our President, Attorneys and TWU Int. President John Samuelson to get to the bottom of what Local 100 actually agreed to and whether or not we will have to accept a two-month contract extension.

That emergency meeting has been tentatively scheduled to take place in two weeks where we hope we can resolve this issue. Until then we will continue to try and get some of the outstanding contract items resolved, which there are very few.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we are not the only ones in this position right now. When we have more information, we will post it here.

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