TSO/TWU Local 106 March Lobbying in Albany

As you know, we made it our #1 priority to get the MTA-NYCT Death Gamble Bill Legislation passed in Albany. On this week’s trip to the State Capital, we met with many great Senators and Assembly members that have committed to sign on and Co-Sponsor Senate Bill S-7224 and Assembly Bill A-7563. We met with many more but here are just a few pics from our trip.

The TSO Team along with our brothers and sister from the TWU NY/NJ State Conference working hard to have not only the Death Gamble Bill passed but also Local 252’s Personnel Due Process Protection Act and Local 2001’s Commuter Rail Employee Rights Protection Act.
Senator Kevin Parker
Senator Mario Mattera
Assembly Member John Mikulin
Senator Alexis Weik. Oops! Sorry about that Senator did not mean to block you.
Senator Steven Rhoades
Assembly Member Kenneth Zebrowski
Assembly Member Sam Berger
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