Union Reaches Agreement with MTA on $500K Death Benefit to Families of Transit Workers Killed in Pandemic

APRIL 14 — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, TSO Local 106 and the Transport Workers Union of America, have reached an agreement establishing a COVID-19 death benefit for members who died after being infected. Under the agreement, the MTA will pay $500,000 in a lump sum to the spouse, beneficiary or estate of each deceased member who was in active service on or after February 1, 2020.

“New York wouldn’t have a fighting chance against this virus if transit workers weren’t getting the blue collar heroes of this pandemic  – nurses, paramedics, food service workers   – to the front lines of the battle  all across the metropolitan region,” TWU International President John Samuelsen said. “This COVID-19 death benefit is a recognition of the incredible contributions and sacrifices our workforce has made.”
 We would like to thank our International President, John Samuelsen for leading the effort to secure this benefit for the families of our fallen heroes during this unprecidented pandemic.

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