Update! Death Gamble Bill, Not Dead Yet!

It’s been a all hands on deck week so far with Local 106 and 100 putting all efforts into getting the Death Gamble Bill out of the City’s hands by approving what is called a Home Rule so it can be sent back to Albany to be approved. It will be voted on today by the NYC Council and is expected to pass.

If all goes well the Bill will again be available for the NYS Senate and Assembly to move ahead for votes to be sent to the Governor.

The next few days will be crucial as the 2024 NYS Legislative Session winds down. This will be our last chance this year to get the incredibly important and way over due Legislation passed. In 2022 when I became President I formed an in house Legislative team led by Jose DeJesus as Senior Political Director and Political Director Todd Napoletano. Our team with Jose knocking on every door imaginable and never missing an opportunity to advance this cause, has brought us to the brink of getting this Bill passed.

We will continue to grind until this Bill passes because failing is not an option!

Senate Bill and Assembly Bill below.

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