Live Zoom Sessions (Pre-Registration) for Open Enrollment

Please find the pre-registration links information for the live Zoom sessions taking place on November 1st and November 8th. below.

UnionDate & TimeLinkWebinar ID #
NYCT SSSA/TSO-OP/TSO MSII/MTAB TSO L106 – Info SessionNov 1st – 10:00am – 1:00pmInfo Session Nov 1st NYCT SSSA/TSO-OP/TSO MSII/MTAB TSO L106852 1399 7434
NYCT SSSA/TSO-OP/TSO MSII/MTAB TSO L106 – Info SessionNov 8th – 4:00pm – 7:00pmInfo Session Nov 8th NYCT SSSA/TSO-OP/TSO MSII/MTAB TSO L106872 9524 2384

The BSC Pre-Recorded Open Enrollment link is now live

Message From Employee Benefits regarding what you’ll notice about the information on the BSC Open Enrollment page-The forms are extremely clear in expressly detailing enrollment in either a NYSHIP PPO or HMO plan or one of the applicable Aetna plans, so there should be no confusion in terms of anyone “accidentally” enrolling in Aetna or NYSHIP. It’s important to note that BSC Benefits will not be able to honor any requests to back-track once an employee submits a request to change over to Aetna or NYSHIP. Please note that the FAQ document for your groups goes into very specific detail about what form or forms should be submitted based on the request an employee is trying to make – I would highly recommend pushing this document to your membership as it really is a comprehensive resource. BSC Benefits will provide flexibility for your groups in terms of the timing of the submission of the OE forms to us, however, it is in their best interest to submit their forms sooner than later so that they can be enrolled and receive their new ID cards in time for January 1, 2024.

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