Vaxx – Testing Update

The MTA launched the COVID testing program on Monday, October 4. Testing sites will be available at various locations throughout the MTA. You will be required to test if you are not fully vaccinated for COVID and a MTA partnered (Bio Reference, Quest or Mt. Sinia) testing site is available at your work location. All testing will be done on company time.  Take home saliva test kits will also be available at the saliva testing sites. You will not be required to test on your own time or outside of work. If you are vaccinated, you will have the option to get tested.

You must, however, report your vaccination status to the employer. Directions on how to report your vaccination status can be found at the MTA Covid-19 Employee Resource Center webpage:

The work site locations and scheduled hours for at-work testing can also be found at the MTA Covid-19 Employee Resource Center. There will be schedules for both nasal swab and saliva testing. The schedule is updated weekly, so check the website at least once a week for the latest schedules. Information also can be obtained via the MTA Covid-19 Hotline: 646-252-1010

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