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Transit Supervisors Seek Outside Help In Wage Dispute

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Nearly 300 transit supervisors claim they are at a bargaining impasse with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority over a long-overdue contract, just three months after their subordinates—and their counterparts in other divisions—were granted pay raises by an arbitrator.

Transport Workers Union Local 106 officials say they filed for impasse March 21 after reaching “almost total concurrence” with agency negotiators, blaming the MTA Board for failing to approve the agreement at its February meeting. The union is now demanding parity in wages and benefits with supervisors in other divisions.

Arbitrator Howard C. Edelman
Arbitrator Howard C. Edelman

Arbitrator Upholds Wage Pattern in Supervisors Contract Arbitration Award

On Monday, December 23, 2013 the Arbitration panel hearing the OA/TA contract arbitration issued their award.

Click here for a summary of the Award   I   Click here for the full Award

The BSC has confirmed that the retroactive payment records will available to the members through the BSC portal.   Every member will be able to get a break down of their retro payment through the BSC portal.  This will probably be available near the date of the retro payments.  Having this available to the members is a big improvement from how the 2007 retroactive payment was done.  This will allow every member the view how the payment was calculated and if they have any questions or believe there was a miscalculation they can bring it to management's attention.  We will let everyone know when these records become available.

The new rates will be in the February 27th paycheck.

  • Healthcare contribution reduction to 1.5% on 40 hours will also be in the February 27th paycheck.
  • A Separate Retroactive Payment Check will be issued on May 8th.
  • The Healthcare Contribution refund payments will be issued on June 5th.
  • Retiree's and Inactive employee's retroactive payments will be issued on July 3rd.

Click HERE for the new Pay Rate Chart.

If you have any questions regarding the award or deferral please contact the Union office.

Governor Cuomo Signs 55/25 Refund Bill for Station Supervisors II

On December 18th Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill that provides for the refund of the additional 55/25 pension contribution many of our members made when they opted into the Chapter 96 55/25 pension plan.

Through the persistence and hard work of the Local President and SSII Chairman, Mike Tronia the Union was finally able to get this important legislation passed.  This legislation will correct the inequity to members who originally opted into the Chapter 96 of the Laws of 1995 (Chapter 96/95)55/25 pension program who paid an additional member contribution (AMC) from the time they opted into until January 3, 2001. Then as a result of Chapter 10 of the Laws of 2000, members who didn't opt into the 55/25 pension program were put into the 55/25 pension program without having to make any additional member contributions.

Members who made the additional member contributions are not being given any additional benefit for their contributions. It is only fair and equitable to refund the additional contributions back to these members. Members of the 1994 25/55 pension program have already been refunded their additional member contributions.

The form for the Station Supervisor Level II 55/25 Pension Refund is now available.  Click HERE for the form.

Post Retirement Death Benefit Secured for OA Retirees

After the untimely and tragic death of former OA Transportation Chairman, Edwin Serrano, Local 106 President, Vincent Modafferi promised that he would do everything he could to see that “the inequity in the Post Retirement Death Benefit for OA retirees will be changed to that of the NYCERS system.”

Finally, after a year of pushing this issue and with the help of Local 100 President John Samuelsen, pension consultant Norman Rosenfeld, and the OA Pension Board Trustees, in June 2012 the OA Pension System adopted the NYCERS rules for the Post Retirement Death Benefit for OA retirees.

The Authority has started the process of contacting current retirees to fill-out a beneficiary designation form for this new benefit.  Payment to eligible deceased retiree beneficiaries will begin in the very near future.


Lets all support our Brothers and Sisters at MTA Bus by signing the Union's online petition to the MTA Chairman and Board Members.

CLICK HERE to sign

The Chief-Leader Editor Richard Steier
The Chief-Leader Editor Richard Steier

Editorial: A Proposition for TWU

RICHARD STEIER | Posted: Monday, June 3, 2013 5:00 pm

For argument’s sake, give Tony Aiken, the Bus Operator and veteran union official found guilty of sexually harassing supervisor Tulani Melendez, the benefit of the doubt for all the alleged remarks she was offended by but which he said he never made.

Then consider what he admitted to saying when interviewed by this newspaper’s Sarah Dorsey: that in Ms. Melendez’s presence he had once laid his wallet down, gestured toward her, and said, “I’d give all this for that.” He said that he intended this in a “polite, joking, complimentary” way.

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