Retro Payment Information – OA & TA Queens RWA payment on Sept. 30th

I happy to report that we were able to get the MTA to move up the RWA payment date for the OA & TA Queens Supervisor to September 30th. Below is the deferral letter that was emailed to our members today.

The tentative date for the MTA Bus retro-active Wage Adjustment (RWA) payment is October 7, 2021. Members will be able to defer all or a portion of their RWA. Below is the deferral letter and form that was emailed to all MTA Bus members. We have scheduled two virtual meeting with Prudential on August 25th at 4P and September 1st at 10A to assist our members in their deferral decisions and to answer any questions you may have. Please click on the Prudential “down load” below for more information and to preregister for one of these meetings.

We are still working on the OA & TA RWA payment date. The Authority has scheduled these payments for October 28th. We are trying to get the payment date moved up. We will post any updates here.

Members will NOT be able to defer the Retro-Active $500 Lump Sum, Longevity or Maintenance Bonuses. You will be able to defer the Retro-active Wage Adjustments and Retro-active Night Differential increases to your active 401k or 457 accounts.

The $500 Lump Sum payment will be in the paycheck of August 12th for MTA Bus, and the paycheck of August 19th for the OA and TA Queens. These payments will appear as a separate line item and a separate taxable event in the 8/19 and 8/12 paychecks.

The 5% Night Differential Increase will be on the same paycheck as GWIs, MTA Bus August 12th and TA/OA August 19th.

The General Wage Increases (2.5, 2.5, 2.5) for MTA Bus supervisors will be in the paycheck of August 12th.

The General Wage Increases (2.5, 2.5) for OA and TA Queens supervisors will be in the paycheck of August 19th.

As soon as we get more information on the Retro-Active Wage Adjustments (RWA) we will post the information here.

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