Health Plex Dental Data Breach

A third party of Health Plex Dental, has suffered a data breach. Some of our members may be affected by this. Once we get more information we’ll let you know. For now the MTA has promised full credit monitoring for all of our members in this plan.

Changes Coming to NYSHIP

With a stroke of a pen, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul changed the reimbursement to Doctors that are out of network. This change will take effect on July 1, 2023 and will have a negative impact on anyone in NYSHIP that sees a Doctor out of network. See below for more Read more…

You Moved?

Be advised, if you move and notify the BSC of your new address the BSC DOES NOT notify us, you need to let us know otherwise we will be sending notices and information to the wrong address. Either call our office or email your Chairman.